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The weather in the summer in the Costa Brava, from June to September has an average high temperature of 25°C  to 27°C at its peak. The average evening temperature in the peak months is around 21°C.  The sea temperature in the same period reaches a peak of 25°C in August.


The average number of sunshine hours in July is nine, with eight hours in August and September averaging 6 hours.


The temperature outside the summer months are perfect for those interested in sporting activities such s golf, cycling, horse riding, hand gliding and hiking.  


The spring offers average temperatures of 23°C, but is probably a good time to visit as the beaches will be less crowded, the hotels room rates will be cheaper and the restaurants will be a lot quieter.  


Autumn is the wettest season, however October is still quite warm and pleasant.


In the winter months there is still plenty of sun, an a average of 5-6 hours per day with the temperature an average of 16°C.



The best time to visit the Costa Brava and Catlonia is usually from May to October.  Although the months of July and August are the hottest, the temperatures on the Costa Brava are not as hot as in the more southern parts of Spain. In fact a lot of self catering acommodation does not include air conditioning as this is not usually necessary.


Winter on the Costa Brava is considerably milder than the climate of the UK and northern Europe and is often a choice for those wishing to visit the Ski-ing areas of Northern Spain.

Autumn on the Costa Brava is very pleasant and is ideal for those interested in walking, cylcling and other outdoor activities.